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Mercury Storage offers options. Every environment has unique storage requirements. We represent leading storage vendors providing hundreds of configuration choices. No single vendor can provide every solution that you need. We help you sort through leading technologies and vendors to select what best fits for your organization's needs. Our experience in the market and with multiple vendors gives you one-stop review and selection advantages.


  • Nimble Storage

    We have been waiting for a SAN to integrate in-line compression, flash and D2D in a single unit. The advantage of the Nimble CASL architecture allows you better performance than typical SANs and greatly reduced snapshot space requirements. Months of D2D capacity + greater performance = a greater value.
  • Dell EqualLogic

    Proven industry-leading iSCSI SAN architecture with great flexibility and performance. With each array you get additional capacity and bandwidth / IO. Scale & incrementally with a proven leader. 

FC / iSCSI / SAS with NAS Option

  • Compellent

    Multi-tier automated ILM, ease of growth and patented Storage Virtualization are key benefits. FC and iSCSI. The fastest growing multiple interface enterprise large storage provider.
    • TCO Tool - Calculate how much Compellent can save you in three minutes or less.
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